MVP Safety

Respirator Fit Testing

For human safety, many chemicals require that applicators wear respirators when performing certain duties. This may include pesticide application, painting, and working in dusty areas. In brief, the following components are part of a complete Respiratory Protection Program:

Respiratory Protection Written Plan.

Medical Clearance on each person required to wear a respirator. In brief, this requires that a Medical Evaluation Form (English / Spanish) be completed and then taken to a Licensed Healthcare Professional (LHCP) or physician for review. Often times, an in-person physical is required. Fit-testing cannot be performed without medical clearance.

An annual training, evaluation and fit testing is required for each employee who will wear a respirator. Training and evaluation are included in all of MVP Safety Professionals’ fit testing procedures. It is the employer’s responsibility to make sure the correct respirator is being fit-tested. Some employees may need to be fit-tested for more than one respirator.

Contact MVP Safety Professionals if you have questions or would like to schedule a fit-testing.

Did you know that dust mist masks are respirators and require fit-testing?

“The MVP Safety Professionals staff is very knowledgeable about the respiratory protection requirements. Their flexibility to work around our company’s needs makes them easy to work with. Every year, we get a reminder telling us that our annual fit-testings are due. This really helps us stay in compliance.”

Tim Carpenter, Health and Safety Coordinator TSI Woodland